I’ll fly with you.

When you say that you are planning a trip with a new born baby, especially using a plane, there will always be someone looking at you with an astonished air.

And behind this astonished air and a fake smile, you can immediately read it in their eyes and feel the judgment on you: “Crazy!”, “Don’t you think it’s too early?”

When maybe, on the other hand, it comes from the same person that has no problems to plan a 10 hours journey by car in summertime.

A sensation that makes you freeze for a while and think: “Am I dumb? “

Then you think: two hours by plane vs 10 by car .. De gustibus non est disputandum .. but let’s be clear.

The topics to be discussed are many; in this article I will touch them briefly, to speak about them next time.

First of all, new born can fly even from their first week of life; check major fly companies policies.

Obviously to fly you need the documents: identity card or passport, depending on the chosen destination.

However, the first advice I can give is to be wise and to use criteria, not risking long and demanding journeys without knowledge of the facts and be progressive.

To start, test yourself with one or more short flights so that you are familiar with all the procedures and dynamics.

The first question that naturally may come is whether a small child can suffer problems due to the decrease in atmospheric pressure that the journey entails. The answer is NO, even a child of a few days, weeks or months can safely take a plane.

The most critical moments of air travel can be the take-off and landing phase, which can sometimes cause bad ears.

Pain, as for adults, is often due to accumulation of mucus, so the best thing to do before leaving is a nice cleaning of the nose with an appropriate aspirator or solution.

When taking off or landing, have the baby suck something (breast, bottle or pacifier) ​​and you will see that your babe will not feel any problems.

Don’t want to suck? Put a drop of glucose on the pacifier or on the baby’s teat (they also use it in the hospital when taking new-born babies) and you will see that they will stick easily.

Arrange hand luggage well with everything you need and remember that the liquid transport measures are slightly different with the children.

It is permitted to carry in your hand luggage what is necessary to feed the child for the duration of the journey. You can therefore bring liquid milk, powdered milk, baby food in the thermos, baby food, snacks, etc. at the most you will be asked to taste the contents.

Do not bring half-litre bottle of water because you can carry up to 1 litre of milk or water and try to limit everything to what is strictly necessary, especially on short flights, zealous checks may not let you pass many things.

On board it is possible to heat baby bottles and baby food prepared in small packs.

Breastfeed? No problem… Free the Nipple!

For creams and beauty products instead, as for adults, an 100 ml. containers policy is adopted for a total of one litre in a transparent bag.

Arrived at the airport keep your eyes open, starting from the security checks where they always are preferential lanes for families with small children.

Many companies offer priority boarding free of charge.

Organize a medium or long range flight with children takes maybe more time but it is absolutely feasible, you just need to follow a few small steps to make it more comfortable.

Avoid dragging very young children on journeys of hope heavy for you and for them.

If possible avoid stopovers or at least, long ones, and if it absolutely necessary, organize yourself to make it as unpleasant as possible.

Remember, if possible, to check-in at home because it streamlines procedures, helps you choose seats on the plane and at the airport you will go directly to the baggage drop-off.

Once you get a feel for the half-hearted way.

First of all, a good advice for a medium-long journey is to choose comfortable and layered clothes both for young and old.

You are not a fashion blogger choose comfort clothes: sneakers, cotton t-shirts, overalls and sweatshirts. Also bring a couple of changes for the baby and for you.

To change the child in the bathroom of the plane, in addition to the wipes and diapers, bring the disposable waterproof covers (which are hygienic and practical) and place one of them on the hand basin.

Aircraft toilets after a certain number of hours of travel may not be the cleanest places in the world despite the crew’s commitment.

Don’t forget to put in your hand luggage neck pillow to sleep on the plane.

The choice of hand luggage for new born is quite important, leave the classic exchange bag at home and choose ​​for something practical.

As personal experience I would recommend the backpacks which are functional and light to carry; also they can contain many clothes changes, diapers, wipes, thermos for milk or baby food, etc.

To move around with the child easily at the airport between checks, etc. you can opt for various options: bands, baby carriers or stroller.

In any case, whether you decide to board the stroller as hold luggage or take it with you, you must necessarily go through the check-in where it will be registered.

At the Check-In you will also need to choose to use the flight ladder (so the staff will label it and stow it) or carry it as hand luggage on board.

Remember, however, that it is much more practical if the stroller is ultra-light, with a folding umbrella-like closure. To be able to carry it on board you will need an IATA approved folding stroller.

My approved stroller, for example, is this https://www.babyzen.com/it/yoyo-plus

Once you have arrived at the security check you must be able to insert the stroller into the scanner roller.

EVERYTHING is inside, above and below the stroller must be removed and checked separately.

If it is a fairly new model you will be able to insert it without problems, if instead you have an old style stroller, it will be checked by hand by the airport staff.

It could happen that the baby will falls asleep on the stroller just as you queue for the checks.

In this case, it all depends on the airport staff, but don’t get hot, it’s their job, be patient.

At the gate, at the time of embarkation, they will call those who have paid for priority boarding, usually afterwards they can pick up families with small children. Shortly before that moment, if you are the owner of IATA approved folding stroller, take it back in the case and take the baby in your arms.

In this way you are facilitated in the operations and the stroller is already ready to go up with you on the plane.

In other cases, however, be patient, do it calmly, do not stand in line a thousand hours earlier at the time of the call with the same small children.

In any case, whatever stage of the process you are going through, take your time. I will repeat it over and over again. Don’t be mad. This does not mean arriving at the airport 6 hours before the flight causing further stress on departure but not even 30 minutes before the gate closes by ranting like bald eagles in heat.

See you soon and enjoy your fly.


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