Is your baby an asshole?

Before talking about “asshole baby” we must stop and think.

Children are not trees: they cry, they laugh, they move, they need attention and sometimes they stink. They have the right to do all these things.

It happened to everyone to be in a place and be close to children who make noise. Everyone (don’t lie!) we were bothered by screams and cries. The problem “increase” in small spaces because you cannot escape: those who have not babies , after a while, start to look bad, maybe they make occasional smiles, but inside they hate you a little; while the parents begin to show embarrassment. Given these considerations, parents should not lock themselves in their homes for fear.

In this blog we talk about travel and about the management of children in this situation.

I will talk about air travel, but these tips can be used for all medium-long journeys on public transport.

The 0-3 age group is a universe of changes, deep as an ocean. Explain it in a blog post is hell, so I will trivialize it to the extreme. Pedagogues don’t judge me, be patient but I will simplify everything. To do this I will divide 0-3 baby into very basic groups and focus on sympathy.

1. “THE WORMS”: 0-6 month range, mostly they are not able to sit, they are often exclusively breastfed, they respond to basic needs (hunger, sleep, need for contact, various pains). The management of this group is the easiest. Parents must respond to these needs and learn how to manage crying among the people. The first rule is the usual: be quiet. Babies , feel your emotions, if you are upset, they probably will be too.

The child will cry sooner or later, you know it; all you have to do is ignore the people around you and focus on your baby’s needs, as you would do in any other environment. Sure it’s easier said than done but it’s all here. The babe, after responding to his need, will calm down and you will have won your personal battle to manage the newborn.

2. “STEWIE GRIFFIN”: between 6 months and 2 years, they are aesthetically nicer, clumsy and chubby, they are slowly learning to manage their bodies with disarming tenderness, the first steps, some the first words and they have a growing and fascinating increase in vocal power. In addition to basic needs, they begin to need more attention and stimulation. They still travel in their arms. How to manage them? For my practicality I include them with the last group.

3. “CHUCKY THE KILLING DOLL”: up to 3 years. Maximum increase in motor skills, improving dialectics, they need maximum attention, they have minimal attention. They have the right to a seat, so choose strategically.

Also for group two and group three same dear rule of group one: try to be seraphic and calm as a Buddhist monk on the path for nirvana, you don’t lose control, you are stronger. CONTINUE TO IGNORE PEOPLE, you are the parents, you learn to radiate confidence, and you know what to do.

Don’t you know? Let’s see what to do to improve management.

First of all, prepare yourself well, especially if you have more children at the various age groups. You are not obliged to sit next to your partner, remember the “divide and conquer” strategy. Arrange them according to their character: near the window the quiet ones, the corridor side the agitated and so on (in this case the parent two is placed on the other side of air corridor, etc.). In short, when you make seat reservations, reflect and use military tactics.

Remember that if it’s a night trip, you will have an advantage, because, in the end, the babies sleep, otherwise take turns with your partner, so one of you is, in part, polished and operational.

Now we will deal with the “entertainment” side.

Prepare for them a small backpack of games, maybe inserting a new surprise one. You aim for the coup de theatre preparing a series of toys and activities.

The ideas are endless and the limit is the imagination but for example: various transitional objects, the magic blackboard that stimulates but does not dirty anywhere, sensory books like “quiet books” that have parts attack / detach, books to read all together (“Nati per leggere” list is awesome), notebook and coloured pencils, travel mosaic puzzles, etc.

Trays are very practical and useful, both on the plane and on any other means.

This is as an example, but there are also briefcases:

Try to propose games and entertainment in a gradual way, don’t pull out everything together and set some time between one activity and another, otherwise you will burn everything immediately.

Tablets can be useful for a limited period. We are in 2019 children growing up immersed in technologies that were unthinkable for previous generations. Thoughtful use does not make you bad parents and teaches children moderation.

Avoid noisy and annoying toys for the joy of all.

It is essential to fasten seat belts when flying. Safety first. This, however, does not mean that you will be forced to remain glued to the seat all the time. When the signal is off, if one of the child is restless, get up and take a walk but always respecting the other passengers and flight attendants. If you have more kid have them lift in turn.

Bring in your hand baggage some snacks in case you have weaned children, they can be useful and not always the times of the service on the flights match with the needs of the little ones.

Many airlines often, though only explicitly asking for it, offer gadgets and souvenirs for the little ones. There are many initiatives, ask to flight attendants.

For the first flight, for example, the diploma is a nice idea, just request it and the many companies prepare it directly on board.

It’s a pride for us parents, especially travellers, but in general it is a nice souvenir to be framed in the bedroom with a photo. You can also consider it a trick to make the older children look good. If they behave well, at the end of the trip, they will receive a certificate certifying their first flight.

If you want to be sure you have it, you can print at home and bring my blog diploma directly on board.

Other companies give the travel passport in which you can write all the flights that the children take with dates, routes and signatures.

Have a good trip and “May the Force be with you”


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